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Looking across Bagley Icefield to Mount Saint Elias # 9892

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Date: 2001.07.10
Vantage Point: From Juniper Island

Caption: The view from Juniper Island across the huge Bagley Icefield to Mount Saint Elias. The small flat mountain near middle left edge is Table Mountain, and Mount Huxley is the smaller mountain (darker shade) which is in front of Saint Elias.

PhotoDescr: The following is from the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve: "Stretching over 125 miles, the Bagley Icefield and its associated glaciers fill a giant trough in the interior of the Chugach and St. Elias Mountains. For most of its length, this huge mass of ice measures over four miles wide. In some places it spans over 15 miles. Although the exact thickness is unknown, it probably exceeds 3,000' deep over most of its length. The icefield spills seaward in giant lobes at its west end, the Bering Glacier, and its east end, the Malaspina Glacier, each of which is roughly the size of Rhode Island." The Bagley is the largest subpolar icefield in North America.

Have not been very active on the site lately but recently my interest in Alaska has been stirred again, so I am searching for pics of things we do not have, like the Bagley Icefield. Found this pic and got permission from the photographer and the owner of the pic at Virginia Tech to display it (and others) on Bivouac.

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