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Assiniboine and Lunette from the West (2) # 9735

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Date: 1998.09.13
Vantage Point: From the summit of Centurion Peak

Caption: The rubbly west face of Assiniboine and the minor spur of Lunette (R)

PhotoDescr: Mardy Roberts and I hiked into the remote and incredibly impressive Assiniboine Creek valley to bivy at the end of the trail near the south shore of Assiniboine Lake; the next morning we gingerly crossed the log jam at the outflow from the lake and then picked our way around the west side on a minimal animal trail until we came to an avalanche track that promised a reasonable route up the great rock wall extending south and southwest from The Marshal to just north of the BayMag plant. With judicious route finding, we ascended easy ground to the ridge south of the summit and then made our way back north to the apex (cairn, but no record). No listing of this trip or for this peak has been permitted on Bivouac for reasons as yet undisclosed even though Centurion does appear in both editions of the Guidebook to the Rockies. This picture was taken by telephoto from the summit of Centurion.

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