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Looking South from the Summit of Mount Eon # 9717

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Date: 1998.07.26
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mount Eon

Caption: The stunning array of peaks to the south of Eon (and a stunning array of mountaineers!)

PhotoDescr: I did not want to clutter up this photo with mountain names, so let me try to describe them by reference to my two climbing partners, Reg Bonney on the left and Bill Hurst on the right:

Directly above Reg's helmet is Mount Currie. To the left and further back from Currie is Birdwood. To the left of Reg's back is, first, Aurora, then at the edge of the photo, Byng. Above Bill's helmet and slightly to the left is Alcantara. Right above Bill's helmet and extending to the right is Brussilof. Above and back from Brussilof is Red Man Mountain. The peak with snow slopes on it above Bill's helmet is Sir Douglas. The snow-draped peak far off in the hazy distance on the far right is King George.

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