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Mount Sir John Thompson across the North Canoe Glacier # 9698

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Date: 1998.04.22
Vantage Point: From near the north crest of the North Canoe Glacier, looking south

Caption: Mount Sir John Thompson and Day 10's route

PhotoDescr: See Trip Report #218: "We made our way over the Thompson Ridge ice bulge and then, roped together, descended slowly and awkwardly through the crevasse field, a task made somewhat simpler than it might have been by being able to follow our predecessors' tracks. We had lunch at the bottom in the now windless and quite warm cirque at 11:30 a.m. Then a 1000' ascent up the other side of the cwm, again following tracks: slow and very hot work in the brilliant, beating sun.

"This brought us to the col beyond which lay the Wilfred Laurier basin and massif. We skied easily down gentle slopes about half way into the basin, but then huge crevasses -- both deep, wide, and lengthily horizontal -- forced us once again to rope up. We pottered around theses crevasses, many of which could have swallowed a couple of semi-trailer trucks without a trace, for some time, trying to push a way through (our predecessors' tracks having by now gotten obliterated by wind and sun). Eventually I found a practical, safe, but circuitous route down the lefthand edge, just under the brow of north Thompson - well, safe, except for the debris from falling seracs that littered the landscape. But at least it allowed us to get through the "doorways to hell" and down to firmer snow.

"Finally, a 3.5 kilometre slog up the north side of the Laurier basin - that seemed to take forever - led us to a broad high col."

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