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Backwater Corners of the Coast Mountains: Smaby Peak # 9638

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Date: 2005.08.11
Vantage Point: Photo taken from the ridges west of Surel Pass

Caption: Smaby Peak is the sharp summit in the centre of the photo. The large, dark hump to the right and somewhat in front of Smaby is Price Peak.

PhotoDescr: The west edge of northern Tweedsmuir Park has plenty of named peaks in the 2000-2500 metre range that see few visitors and fewer ascents. Attractive Smaby Peak is one such peak; it's easily visible from Eutsuk Lake. Unless you are boating on Eutsuk Lake, access is a big problem. There's plenty in the region to keep the hiker and scrambler busy, but there are few technical challenges.

On August 9, 1978, I wandered up the long south ridge connecting with Price Peak (right skyline and behind). I was in the mist and heavy rain most of the time and don't remember much of the climb, although I was surprised to find poor-quality fossils near the Smaby-Price col and also surprised at finding a cairn on top. No doubt prospectors preceded me by many decades. In good weather, the view from the top would be superb.

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