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Southeast Approach Ridge to Mount Allenby # 9636

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Date: 1996.07.28
Vantage Point: From the col in the S ridge of Mount Allenby

Caption: The minor south summit of Allenby

PhotoDescr: See trip report #1484:

The far crest of this ridge is the minor summit of Allenby, about a kilometre south of the true summit (remember, too, that the true summit is not that marked on the topo, but the one further east that corresponds to the elevation in the guidebook). It is fairly easy going until one gets to the base of final face, just right of the snow patch. Here the scrambling becomes quite serous and occasionally exposed - many parties will want some pro and a light rope just in case.

The true summit can just be seen on the far left of the photograph.

The next picture of the two of Allenby was taken from the top of this minor summit looking southwest.

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