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Sundance Ridge - The Summit Block # 9593

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Date: 1996.07.11
Vantage Point: From the NW ridge northwest of the summit block

Caption: The summit block of Sundance Peak and one intervening minor bump

PhotoDescr: My party had started out on July 9 (1996) at the far northwest end of the ridge and, over the course of the next day and half, ascended several thousand feet to the alpine zone on the crest of the ridge; the rest of the second day took us - with some interesting routefinding and fine scrambling - to our second bivy two-thirds of the way alng the ridge to the southeast. On the third day, at the point where this photo was taken, my two companions decided they'd had enough of this kind of fun and started off to the west to find a way down to Brewster Creek. I continued on, however, over the intervening summit fairly easily and then, with more difficulties, along the intervening ridge between this first summit and the final block. Once at the base of this block, though, it was clear there would be no solo ascent to the apex: all routes from this point were of a more or less technical nature. See trip report #169.

It was six years until I returned to Sundance in July l of 2002, at which time we ascended a complex ridge from a bivy on the east side of the peak. See trip report #2041.

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