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Lake Chilko and Subpeak of Mount Tatlow # 9510

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2006.09.02
Vantage Point: From the small hill north of the Nu Chugh Beniz campground

Caption: Chilko lake and subpeak west of Mt. Tatlow in early September on a glorious afternoon

PhotoDescr: This picture was probably taken at about the same place Don Funk's Chilko Lake picture was taken. After seeing his picture on this site I fell in love from afar with this area. After two years of wanting, I finally packed up my son and headed out on a road trip to see this area. This pana shows the north side of Mt. Tatlow on the left with beautiful Chilko Lake and Duff Island. This day wasn't too windy and the next day we were able to canoe south down the lake with no winds even in the afternoon (which is quite rare, I understand).

Before setting out to this area I had asked both Don and Robin as to if they thought it might be possible to connect backroads from Clinton all the way to Tsylos park. Both thought not but I had to try. It ended up being the most amazing backroad experience I have ever taken, about 250 km of dirt road, travelling through the Fraser Canyon up to Gang Ranch, then over to Big Creek. From there we almost gave up, thinking that the route wouldn't go over to the Nemiah valley, but we found the road and voila there we were at Chilko!

The trip there was almost as beautiful as the lake and it was mostly 2WD except for a little HC bit past Big Creek to connect to the Nemiah valley road.

I have the track downloaded to oziexplorer so feel free to email me and I can send it to you.

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