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Stonecrop Glacier, Mt Spetch and Mt Slalok from Lower Joffre Lake # 9466

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Date: 2007.01.06
Vantage Point: From lower Joffre Lake

Caption: This shows a view to the Stonecrop Glacier and Mt Spetch (left/west) and Mt Slalok (right/east) from Lower Joffre Lake

PhotoDescr: This day trip from Whistler involved a steep skin from the Joffre Lakes up the NW arm of Joffre. We had intended to look at a couloir higher on the arm but due to the difficult and length of the approach ran out of time and skied down the other side of the arm towards Chief Pascall. This route is NOT recommended. The approach from the Chief Pascall drainage is much easier and less time - consuming. If anyone recommends this approach please verbally abuse them.

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