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MacAulay SE10/NW Steele and Upper Hodgson Glacier # 9394

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Date: 2006.07.13
Vantage Point: From accumulation area of Rusty Glacier (looking WSW)

Caption: Mount MacAulay SE10 (aka Steele NW) on the high ridge that connects Mt. Steele (true summit not shown) with MacAulay and Mt. Wood (both behind clouds at right).

PhotoDescr: Taken on a wonderful day hike from Trapridge glaciology camp, over the Backe Glacier, and up the Rusty Glacier to its accumulation area. From this viewpoint, we could see the ~2 km-wide Hodgson Glacier 200 m below, and the ridge ~1400 m higher on the opposite side. The cirques in the background are ~12 km away. This ridge was first traversed in "Millars High Life." (See trip report on this site.)

Looking further to the left, we could see the summit of Steele rising 2500 m above us, and, further to the SE, the Harrison massif rising above the Steele glacier.

A hiker is faintly visible on the Rusty Divide in the foreground.

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