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Mount Assiniboine - Southwest Side # 9364

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Date: 2005.09.17
Vantage Point: Taken from the air above Assiniboine Creek

Caption: The upper part of the Assiniboine Creek Drainage

PhotoDescr: At the head of the valley in the left side of the photo lies the cirque of The Marshall and Mount Strom. Mount Sturdee is the lower rocky point in the center of the photo with the much taller Mount Assiniboine and its little sister Lunette Peak dominating the scene to the right. Assiniboine Lake is not quite visible below the large scree slopes of Mount Sturdee, and Lunette Lake is tucked away in the side valley directly below Mount Assiniboine.

This photo shows the SW Face route of Assiniboine, which makes its way up the mixed snow and rock face towards the Assiniboine/Lunette col (the minor notch just right of the highest point) and then goes up the ridge and face to the summit.

Also visible is part of the route leading from Assiniboine Lake to the Assiniboine/Strom Col and the Hind Hut. It goes up the scree slopes towards the two prominent gullies splitting the headwall. It then ascends the gully to the climber's right and follows morainal terrain to the glacier curling around the north side of Mount Sturdee. The climbers' left side of this crevassed glacier is followed until the final steep slope can be climbed to the Assiniboine/Strom Col. The Hind Hut is a short distance north of the col.

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