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Mount Albert Edward Panorama ID Key # 9350

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 1993.02.07
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mount Albert Edward

Caption: This the mountain identifier key to the Albert Edward panorama linked below. From left to right: 1= Mt Tom Taylor, 2= Mt Myra, 3= Mt Mariner, 4= Mt Moyeha, 5= Mt Thelwood, 6= Mt Scimitar (unofficial), 7= Splendor Mountain, 8= Golden Hinde, 9= Rambler Pk, 10= Mt Colonel Foster, 11= Mt McBride, 12= Elkhorn, 13= Kings Pk, 14= Mt Filberg, 15= Victoria Pk and Warden Pk, 16= Mt Mitchell, 17= Augerpoint Mt

PhotoDescr: I have skied and hiked to the top of Mt Albert Edward quite a few times, often in fine weather. But on this occasion, which I believe was in 1993, we had spectacularly clear conditions for our ski ascent.
 I deliberately took four shots to make a panorama combination, and actually had this done downtown at a photo store,
 using the standard technology of the day. But I never dreamt that one day it would be possible for a Luddite such as
 I to do this on a computer and post it to a web site. The main peak at the far left is Mt Tom Taylor, and the main peaks at the
 far right are Victoria Peak and Warden Peak. The Golden Hinde, Vancouver Island's highest peak, is in the middle.
  I will be pleased to correct any errors in the mountain identifications.

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