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Lake Lovelywater Cable Crossing # 9261

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Date: 2005.09.07
Vantage Point: From south bank of the Squamish River

Caption: This is me crossing back over the Squamish River after a successful self-propelled trip to Alpha.

PhotoDescr: I wanted to make this post as our method worked quite well. The basic starting point is that you stand on the bottom (fatter) cable and hook the top cable under your armpits. We used three pieces of chain to clip into the cabling. I had two attachments to the upper cable, this allowed to switch from one side of the floater to the other and always be clipped in. The bottom cable had my pack clipped to it (with a chain) and then a short leash from my pack to my harness. I could straighten my knees and lift the pack off the lower cable which made it easy to slide along. When I wanted I could bend my knees and the pack weight would load the chain and hold it in position. This was quite stable and by loading my arms onto the upper cable it became even more stable. I basically walked right across. Maybe 20 minutes at the most. Of course, as soon as we landed on the other side, a group with a canoe showed up.

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