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Chisel Peak and Fortress Lake # 9224

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2006.09.03
Vantage Point: From the Chaba River near the Fortress Lake Trail

Caption: North East face of Chisel Peak above Fortress Lake

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken during a backpack up the Fortress Lake Trail. It begins at Sunwapta Falls in Jasper and heads up the Athabasca river valley. When you reach the Athabasca River there is a beautiful campground on the flats called The Big Bend Campground. From here you can see Dragon Peak and all the way up the Athabasca valley to what I believe is Mount King Edward.

Watch out for flying squirrels in the campgrounds by this trail as they eat food put up the bear poles. I lost 2 chocolate granola bars at Big Bend Campground.

The next campground is called Athabasca Crossing and is nearby a big suspension bridge over the Athabasca River just before the Athabasca River meets the Chaba River. From the suspension bridge you can see some of the highest peaks in the rockies. Such as Mount Columbia, The Twins and Mount Alberta.

After crossing the suspension bridge the trail heads up the Chaba river valley away from the river for awhile. When it finally returns to the Chaba river a ford of the river is necessary to continue on. The river is only knee deep but is very cold due to runoff from the Chaba Icefield.

Once across the river Fortress Lake is only 2KM away. When you reach Fortress Lake you have your choice of 4 campgrounds around the North East side of the lake. The lake is in Hamber Provincial park in BC and planes land on the lake to take people to the lodge on the South side.

It is a very large lake almost the size of Maligne Lake. In the winter it would be fun to ski across it. On the North East side of the lake is Fortress Mountain which is scrambleable. Since I didn't have enough time to attempt to scramble it I will have to come back and do it later. The pictures one would get from up on that mountain would be spectacular.

I put up all my pictures from that trip on my webpage which can be accessed from my author page.

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