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Carry Peak - East Side # 9141

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Date: 2006.09.29
Vantage Point: From lower east ridge

Caption: The east ridge of the seldom visited Carry Peak

PhotoDescr: This peak has been on my "visits" list since first reading about it in the Beckey Guide a few years back. Described as a pleasant hike/climb and taking at least a day and a half return, this would be a nice remote destination.

Located as a distant yet prominent bump extending off the southwest ridge of Coquihalla Mountain, Carry Peak is a lonely and ancient mountain. The rock found here is slightly different than that of Coquihalla and Jim Kelly and lives up to the "bedded" description. Huge, thick and fractured layers of a diverse arrangement of rock lay stacked and broken. On this day, we ascended via the ridge seen in the foreground. This was a pleasant approach requiring a short easy scramble where the ridge steepens near the bottom. The northeast and northwest faces seem to be the steepest with a moderately steep north ridge dividing the two. South aspects of the mountain are pleasant broad meadows, yet are difficult to reach.

The Cheam Range can be seen on the distant left horizon. Squeah and Spider Peak are at the closer right distance with the Old Settler at far right.

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