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Howling at the Moon Camp # 9120

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Date: 2006.08.11
Vantage Point: From edge of meadow below Surt

Caption: The great bulk of Fenris towering over our camp

PhotoDescr: In Norse mythology Fenris is a wolf-like creature who will reportedly break his chains and devour Odin during the apocalyptic Ragnarok. With the moon arcing above, the form of a wolf certainly comes to life on the beast.

The twice-ascended NW ridge is basically the right hand skyline. Harng and Mason did a low 5th class route on the east face (tough to pick out from this vantage) while I pissed and moaned about looming thunderheads and the wisdom of climbing up a giant terrain funnel in the rain. I tried the Culbert south ridge solo but got freaked on some 5th class rock about 10 feet short of the summit. Oh well.

The north face is huge - quite blank and undercut down low (common theme here), and shifty up high. We didn't bother a closer look.

Our meadow camp was beyond luxury. Due to the lack of photos of the area, we had no idea what sort of ground we'd be camping on. We flew in in a thunderstorm and glimpsed this meadow, pretty much the only attractive campsite in miles. In addition to luxurious camping on grass, we had snow for cooling food, running water, excellent boulder problems, a swimming hole two minutes away up the hill, goats, and ptarmigans. The terrible bugs and the large amounts of talus scrambling required to reach the peaks were obvious drawbacks, though.

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