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Southern Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park Mountains # 9086

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Date: 2006.09.30
Vantage Point: From Mount Cornfield

Caption: Looking Northeast into the southern part of Kokanee Provincial Park

PhotoDescr: In the foreground we have Alpine Basin. That is followed up by Nilsik Creek and its basin with two obvious avalanche paths going into it. Left of center above the basin we have Sunset Mountain on the left of Glory Basin and Outlook Mountain on the right. Outlook Mountain is one of the not so obvious bumps below the long ridge in the back.

The long ridge is made up from left to right: Esmeralda Peak, Cond Peak and Kokanee Peak. Kokanee Glacier is on the other side of that line of mountains. Grays Peak is on the right.

Far left and way back there the white blob may or may not be in the Jumbo area. It's about north-northeast.

I bushwhacked my way up to Mount Cornfield from Lemon Creek Forest Service Road. Fun climb with a little scrambling to get onto the summit.

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