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Faceless, Sampson, and Face from Locomotive # 9077

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Date: 2006.09.27
Vantage Point: From summit of Locomotive Mountain

Caption: The impressive Train Glacier laid out between Locomotive and Face

PhotoDescr: I made my first venture in to the amazing Semaphore Lakes area, with plans of climbing either Face Mountain, or both Locomotive and Tender Mountains. I drove up the Hurley late the night before and slept in my truck to save me the hassle of getting up super early and driving from North Van in the morning. Only one car at the parking area, but on arrival at the lakes, was surprised to see a whole whack-load of tents (at least 20). I had decided on the Locomotive/Tender option as it would score me two peaks in one shot. As I climbed higher and into the basin to the west of Locomotive (the head of Donelly Creek), I came across a rather large group of people (about 30 or so). It seemed they were on a course of some sort. I later found out on my return past the tents that they were a bunch of high school kids from West Van on a school outing for four days, and there were about 65 of them! I was glad at that point that I was only out there for the day! It was a superb day, and the views were awesome to say the least. After summiting Locomotive, it was a short jaunt over to Tender. It looked like a traverse from Locomotive across the Railroad Group and over to Face would be a fun outing. Face Mountain is at photo right, with Sampson the big one in the background left of center. Faceless is at photo left, just left and in front of Sampson, with the shadowed slopes of Caboose at extreme left center. The Train Glacier was really impressive as well. I'm super stoked to finally have gotten out to this area instead of always motoring on past on the way to Gun Lake, it's well worth a visit, and I will be back for sure!

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