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Seventeen Peaks in the Southern Canadian Rockies # 9070

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Date: 2006.08.25
Vantage Point: From Highway 6 near Twin Butte

Caption: The sun sets where the prairies meet the Rockies.

PhotoDescr: Some of these peaks are across the border in Montana, but, in terms of their geology, they are best grouped with the Canadian Rockies.

The numbers identify the peaks as follows:

1. Chief Mountain

2. Gable Mountain

3. Sofa Mountain

4. Mount Cleveland

5. Vimy Peak

6. Citadel Peaks

7. Mount Campbell

8. Mount Richards

9. Mount Crandell

10. Bellevue Hill

11. Mount Galwey

12. Horseshoe Mountain

13. The Horn

14. Mount Dungarvan

15. Cloudy Ridge

16. Spionkop Ridge

17. Spread Eagle Mountain

  Peak identifications are taken from the roadside sign at the lookout.

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