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Harlequin Ducks near Berg Lake # 9063

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Date: 2006.09.02
Vantage Point: From Berg Lake Trail near Berg Lake

Caption: Female and immature harlequin ducks in glacial runoff

PhotoDescr: The harlequin duck (histrionicus histrionicus) is a sea duck, some of whom migrate into the Rockies to breed. After breeding in June, the more colourful males typically leave for the coast, leaving the females behind to raise the young.

The harlequins prefer fast-flowing streams, diving in and eating insects along the bottom. This stream is the outlet from Hargreaves Lake, the meltwater lake at the foot of Hargreaves Glacier. It flows into the Robson River just below Berg Lake.

This photo was taken where a bridge on the Berg Lake Trail crosses the stream, on the first day of a three-day trip to Berg Lake and Snowbird Pass by members of the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club.

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