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Titkana Peak, Tatei Ridge, Snowbird Pass, and Chushina Ridge # 8981

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Date: 2006.09.03
Vantage Point: From Snowbird Pass Trail (Snowbird Meadows)

Caption: Titkana Peak is the highpoint of Tatei Ridge, to the left of Snowbird Pass, with Chushina Ridge to the right of the pass

PhotoDescr: Titkana Peak is the high point on the left. The usual route is the southwest ridge, following the skyline left from Snowbird Pass. For some reason, the ridge of which it is a part has its own name, Tatei Ridge, and the ridge south (right) of the pass leading to the summit of Lynx Mountain also has its own name, Chushina Ridge.

The stream drains snowfields on Lynx Mountain, to the right of the pass but out of the picture.

A group from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club backpacked into Robson Pass campground by the Berg Lake Trail for the Labour Day Weekend. On the Sunday, we hiked up to Snowbird Pass. See the trip report for details.

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