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Mumm Peak and Mount Anne-Alice from the Snowbird Pass Trail # 8952

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Date: 2006.09.03
Vantage Point: From Snowbird Pass Trail

Caption: The ridgeline to the north of the Robson River Valley includes Mumm Peak on the right and Mount Anne-Alice on the left, with an unnamed peak between them.

PhotoDescr: Mumm Peak, the north shoulder of Robson Pass, is on the Continental Divide, as is the unnamed summit to its left. The Divide passes over the summit of Anne-Alice on the north end of its summit ridge. Although the NTS map attached the name to the southernmost summit, all three summits are above the same contour, and from this photo it appears that the northernmost may be highest.

Rearguard Mountain is in shadow on the left.

On our return from Snowbird Pass, we followed the trail along the top of an old lateral moraine of the Robson Glacier with this view of the glacier, the Robson River valley, and the peaks beyond.

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