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Garibaldi Massif - Northeast Side # 8930

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2006.06.06
Vantage Point: From upper Sphinx Glacier just west of Mount Carr

Caption: The northeast side of the Mount Garibaldi massif. The small snow pyramid to the left is The Tent. The left skyline above The Tent is the east ridge of Atwell Peak whose summit is hidden from view. The highest summit is Mount Garibaldi with Dalton Dome just to the right. The standard route up Mount Garibaldi follows the triangular glacier facing the viewer in the upper centre of the picture. The rock and snow in the left foreground is part of The Sphinx. Glacier Pikes are the small rock bumps in the lower centre.

PhotoDescr: This picture was taken during the fourth day of an east-west traverse of Garibaldi Park, from the Lillooet River to Rubble Creek. Most of the traverse was along the McBride Range. We were just below Mount Carr on our way around west side of Castle Towers.

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