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The Knife-Edged Snow Ridge of Eldorado Peak # 8918

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Date: 2006.08.26
Vantage Point: From the summit of Eldorado Peak

Caption: The northeast snow ridge of Eldorado Peak, The Hozomeen group can be seen on the extreme left (horizon) and just left of center (horizon) is Jack Mountain.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a magnificent day out on Eldorado Peak. The views from the summit are pretty spectacular, plenty of rugged ridgelines, and many high neighbors are visible beyond, particularly over to the southeast.

Many climbers find it exhilarating to get out onto this exposed knife-edged ridge line. There is an open crevasse across it at one location, but is not difficult to step across. Many choose to climb the snow slope up on the right, and then traverse the ridge to the summit. In the spring, I'm sure this ridge doesn't look quite so icy (and gray), but the route up was still in pretty good shape (a few crevasses to watch out for). Definitely recommended!

Plenty of forest fire smoke can be seen off on the distant horizon. The fire almost directly in line with the ridge (which faces northeast) I believe is the Tatoosh fire which is currently burning near Manning Park and threatening the community of East Gate. The littly puffy bit of white seen above the grayer smoke, I think is the Tripod fire, but don't quote me on this. Looking at the map, it seems to work out.

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