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Mount Fyles - North Face # 8891

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Date: 2006.08.12
Vantage Point: From

Caption: North Face of the triple summits of Mount Fyles. The upper Fyles Glacier and access to the mountain is not visible on the left.

PhotoDescr: Taken from my camp on Day 10 of an 11-day trip into the Ape Lake area. I had just arrived at the basin southwest of Polar Bear Peak after spending the day trekking out from Ape Lake. I was about to climb Polar Bear Peak the next morning, and, with good weather continuing again, was pretty excited.

Mount Fyles is a difficult and challenging climb that is best accessed from the upper Fyles glacier. The upper Fyles is part of the ski traverse route across the Monarch Icefield, which is commonly done in the spring. Access to the mountain may be better then, when crevasses are not so open.

I'm not certain which of the three peaks is the highest point, as none of my maps distinguish this, but after checking out the mountain page and looking at the photo, I would say the right hand peak is the summit. I couldn't access BC Basemap properly to check out the TRIM maps.

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