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Atavist Mountain and Polar Bear Lake # 8890

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Date: 2006.08.13
Vantage Point: From along the southwestern ridge of Polar Bear Peak.

Caption: Polar Bear Lake nestled below the northwest face of Atavist Mountain. Daedalus Mountain is visible to the left of Atavist.(just left of center)

PhotoDescr: Taken on the last day of an 11-day trip into the Ape Lake area. I was on my way up Polar Bear Peak via a basin to the southwest, where I was camped.

Polar Bear Lake would also be a great place to camp, and Polar Bear Peak could be easily ascended from there. Atavist Mountain could also be accessed, but some glacier travel looks inevitable. Better access would be from a 5200-foot notch just around the corner to the right. Looks like a great scramble, and I'm sure the views would be amazing from the top!

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