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Sunrise from Berg Lake # 8883

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Date: 2006.08.26
Vantage Point: Berg Lake Campsite

Caption: Sunrise over Robson Pass and Tatei Ridge from Berg Lake

PhotoDescr: Day 7 of the Moose River Route, I decided to finally keep my word about waking up for the sunrise.

5:30am: the alarm goes off; I lay around half asleep pondering if it's worth getting up.

5:40am: I finally force myself up, shaking the other tent to avoid any "you should have woke us up" later in the day.

5:42am: the sky is red

5:45am: the sky is gray, and dull

6:06am: the sun has risen although is not yet over the mountains but is shining yellow/gold onto the clouds above and into the blue sky.

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