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Spruce Lake and Meadows # 8738

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Date: 2006.07.21
Vantage Point: From the eastern shores of Spruce Lake

Caption: Spruce lake in morning light with the Open Heart slopes and the low peaks to the south of Mt. Sheba

PhotoDescr: Coming back to Spruce lake and the Gun Creek area in July, we had hoped to have good weather. Well, the weather was just too good. With record temps around much of the province we thought that the higher elevations might be a bit cooler. 35C was pretty hot for backpacking.

On this day we took the Open Heart trail (which peters out) to the alpine ridges south of Sheba. From there we found our own way down to Hummingbird Lake. When we were climbing up the final slopes to the ridge top I began to feel a bit like Floyd Landis on the day he bonked (without the elevated levels of testosterone though). We were all totally wasted by the time we made the lake and almost put up no fight when the hoards of bugs came upon us.

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