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Princess Louisa Inlet and Mount Albert # 8701

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Date: 2006.07.20
Vantage Point: From along a ridge south of Loquilts Lake

Caption: View overlooking Princess Louisa Inlet and across to the glaciated summit of Mount Albert. The Whaleback is the high rounded rock face to the left of Albert, and is easily accessible from ridges leading from the Loquilts Lake area (Bon Bon Glacier must be crossed).

PhotoDescr: Taken on Day 4 of a 5-day trip into the Loquilts Lake area. I was out exploring ridges from my camp at Contact Lakes, in this amazing area near Princess Louisa Inlet. Some of the peaks accessible from this area include Mt Albert, Mt Pearkes, Sun Peak and its subpeak, Mt Casement, Mt Tinniswood, and Mt George Edwards. I would highly recommend a visit here as this truly is a world-class destination!

Malibu Club is located on the right side of the narrows of Princess Louisa Inlet. This is a youth camp (operated by Young Life), and they often have guided hiking and mountaineering trips into the area. I encountered one group of friendly people on my trip, and apparently they had six groups going in that week to various areas in the vicinity.

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