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High on the Kain Route # 870

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Date: 2001.08.30
Vantage Point: From about 10th belay

Caption: Fern Webb climbing on the Kain route, Mt. Louis. In the background are the slabs of the lower north face of the north peak of Mt. Edith and the Gargoyle Valley trail on the scree, with the Edith Pass forest behind.

PhotoDescr: Taken during an ascent of the famous Kain Route on Louis. A classic Rockies route up endless 4th and easy 5th class pitches of broken limestone. Conrad Kain and friends originally climbed this route in a few hours back in the early part ofthe 20th Century while on a picnic trip and it was the most difficult rock climb in the Rockies until the ascent of Brussels Peak, I believe.

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