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Snowcap Icefield # 8663

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Date: 2006.07.10
Vantage Point: From summit of Greenmantle Mountain

Caption: On left background is Stave Peak and to the right is Misty Peak. From left foreground is Misery Summit, Nip and Tuck Peaks, Perce-Neige, Schnee Kogal, Snowcap Peak (highest peak in the clouds center right) and Rain God Mountain on the extreme right. A part of Snowcap Lake and Hourglass Lake is visible below.

PhotoDescr: Taken on Day 3 of a 3-day trip onto the Tuwasus/Snowcap divide. I had just summited Greenmantle Mountain after a chilly overnight bivy in a cave along the west ridge of Three Bears Mountain. I had a brief clearing in the weather revealing peaks along the Snowcap and Misty Icefields. Very scenic through there and apparently is a wonderful ski traverse (best done in late spring).

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