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Mount Seymour West Bypass Trail - 1220m # 8637

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2006.07.02
Vantage Point: From exposed section at about 1220m

Caption: Wolf Tivy holds onto handline and carefully crosses exposed section

PhotoDescr: This is the first slightly exposed section that you come to while bypassing Mount Seymour on the west. In the photo it looks like a garden walk, because you don't see what is below you. The slope below is steep - about 5m steep drop, and if you slip, you'll get hurt bad. Although there is a hand line extended across here, it is pretty loose, and I've often wondered if I could really hold on with one arm and a heavy pack once I got going. (So I tend to not use them).

You have to look carefully to see the rope in Wolf's right hand, its gray in color and looks like a stick. It would be drooping more if he were not holding it up. But it is a old rope. And it IS Wolf, not Betsy. Note Wolf's long hair, this photo is before his annual haircut. The pack is my old Serratus pack from 1982, which Wolf used on this trip.

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