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Saxifrage Mountain from Cayoosh Mountain # 863

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Date: 1999.05.22
Vantage Point: From the summit of Cayoosh Mountain

Caption: Saxifrage Mountain is the high pyramid visible near the center.

PhotoDescr: Saxifrage Mountain and the surrounding terrain is an attractive area for backcountry skiing. The only drawback is in the steep climb from North Joffre Creek up to an alpine lake just to the west at approximately 5100 feet (1554 m).

The slopes above this lake are partially visible on the left side of this picture, just behind the rugged ridge, which appears to run out in front of, and to the left of Saxifrage. These slopes give access to Saxifrage which can be climbed on skis via the southwest ridge. The southeast ridge is visible on the left horizon and is a short scramble from the base of the summit pyramid. North Joffre Creek is out of view in the steep valley below.

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