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North Face of Taillefer # 8579

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Date: 2006.06.25
Vantage Point: From basin to north

Caption: North face of Taillefer from beautiful alpine basin to the north.

PhotoDescr: The north face of Taillefer is speculated to be unclimbed. Although granite, the rock does not present attractive features and there is a lot of dirt and loose blocks about.

This past weekend, Paul Baker and I went in via the Kingdom Lake FSR to have a closer look. I had discovered the true extent of this road a while ago: while approaching from the Phelix side leaves one a good 5-6 hours from alpine, you can get to alpine meadows in 30 mins from the Cadwallader side. Spectacular camping abounds in the high meadows.

Up close, we could not find a decent route anywhere on the face and instead decided to traverse the peak from west to east. Traversing to the west side involved considerable krummholz, but after some thrashing the beautiful summit ridge appeared and we sauntered up, over, and down back around to minor peaks east of camp. Beautiful area, lots of wildlife (large goat on summit, grizzlies on road, and even a WOLVERINE!!)

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