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The North Ridge of Athabasca from Boundary Peak # 8557

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Date: 2006.06.10
Vantage Point: From above Athabasca-Boundary Col

Caption: The first ascent of Athabasca followed this ridge.

PhotoDescr: When Norman Collie and Herman Woolley made the first ascent of Mount Athabasca in August 1898, they followed the North Ridge. From the summit, they made the first recorded observation of the Columbia Icefield.

The view that lay beneath us in the evening light was one that does not often fall to the lot of modern mountaineers. A new world was spread at out feet; to the westward stretched a vast icefield, probably never before seen by human eye, and surrounded by entirely unknown, unnamed, and unclimbed peaks.

This photo was taken during a climb of Boundary Peak. The first part of the Boundary Peak route and the north ridge route of Athabasca are the same, parting at the col at the foot of the ridge.

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