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Garibaldi via South Culliton Creek # 8427

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Date: 2006.03.11
Vantage Point: From upper South Culliton Creek, before it steepens (lat-long estimated)

Caption: Looking up the upper portion of the South Culliton Creek Valley towards Mount Garibaldi

PhotoDescr: Greg organised a BCMC trip to Mount Garibaldi via the Old Growth Valley of South Culliton Creek. This flat-floored valley makes for an aesthetic approach, far from the crowds of Paul Ridge. The occasional distant shriek of a red-lining two stroke engine was the only intrusion of the machines on Brohm Ridge.

Most of the time we were skiing in treeless snow fields surrounding the creek, but sometimes we were in the old growth forest beside it. In spite of the considerable snowpack, snow bridges were sparse in the lower portion of the valley.

The admission price was a three hour slog on the logging road which is cut with what seemed like dozens of waterbars that are effectively creek crossings necessitating the removal of skis. It turns out that 'dozens' is an exaggeration, but in the spring it may not be.

We parked our vehicles at the Tantalus View Lodge (woodcarver's house) and skinned up from there. On the way out on Sunday evening the last kilometre or so had barely retained enough snow to support skis.

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