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Mount Cleveland from Kootenai Peak # 8356

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Date: 1983.08.27
Vantage Point: From east flank of Kootenai Pk

Caption: Mount Cleveland at middle left with the Stony Indian Peaks just right of middle along the S ridge which extends right from Cleveland. The creek in front of the ridge of the Stony Indian Peaks is Pass Creek, with some of Wacheechee Mountain visible on this side at the right. Waterton Valley is the main valley below.

PhotoDescr: The normal route up Cleveland uses the S ridge from Camp Creek, which is the valley between the main mountain and the ridge with the Stony Indian Peaks. The S ridge is the right skyline (of Cleveland) and the route gains the S ridge from Camp Creek valley then follows it to the summit.

One other note of interest is that the summit ridge is capped by Purcell Lava from when the rock masses moved east to form the Rocky Mountains.

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