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Millar's High Life # 83

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Date: 1998.08.05
Vantage Point: The summit of Mt. Wood (4800m)

Caption: Dave Hildes on the summit of Mt. Wood at the beginning of what is now known as "Millar's High Life Traverse". The view is looking South over the ridge to Macauley (off photo right), SW Macauley, NW Steele, and Steele. Visible on the skyline left to right is Mt Walsh, Steele, Vancouver, Lucania, and Logan. Logan looks blended in to Lucania.

PhotoDescr: In August of 1998, Alun Hubbard, Dave Hildes, David Persson, John Millar, and I climbed the East slopes of Wood and then traversed the 22-km high ridge connecting Wood and Steele. The traverse lasted 18 days and was marked by some very exciting moments. . . . Our ascent of SW Macauley was the second ascent, NW Steele: the first, and the North Ridge of Steele: the first. We dubbed the traverse "Millar's High Life Traverse".

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