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Denali - East Side Closeup # 8204

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Date: 2004.07.13
Vantage Point: From Airplane from the E

Caption: A good closeup of the E side of Denali. Karstens Ridge is essentially the right skyline and the obvious basin is Thayer Basin. The South Buttress of Denali extends straight to the left and near the left edge the SE spur extends downwards. The NW fork of Ruth Glacier is below the SE Spur but it curves to the left before the ridge line in front of it, so the glacier system visible at the lower left corner trending to the right is the N fork Ruth Glacier. The E buttress extends downwards to the right from the lower point of Thayer Basin. One other thing to note is that peak visible at the left edge between the NW and N forks of the Ruth Glaciers is Mount Dan Beard

PhotoDescr: Once again, another great pic from Steve J. Smith. This is taken from the same airplane as the Denali and Foraker Aerial, but he has zoomed in considerably. There is also a zoom of Foraker which is very much worth checking out.

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