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Denali and Foraker Aerial # 8200

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Date: 2004.07.13
Vantage Point: From Airplane to the SE (of McKinley)

Caption: A stunning aerial view of Denali (R) and Mount Foraker (L), with the South Buttress of Denali extending towards Foraker. It took me a while to identify things but here is the scoop on what is visible. The long Glacier flowing to the bottom right is the Buckskin Glacier and the Glacier flowing to a point at middle left edge is the Ruth Glacier. If you follow the Ruth Glacier from the left edge it goes behind a ridgeline and that portion is The Great Gorge, and if you continue to follow its line the large open snowfield area just right of the exact middle is The Ruth Amphitheatre, with the North Fork of the Ruth Glacier extending to the right. The obvious drainage and small glacier between the Buckskin and Ruth systems, pointing straight down from the middle is Coffee Creek. Now, if you look directly below the Ruth Amphitheatre and to the upper left of the head of Buckskin Glacier you can see The Mooses Tooth, and aross the valley on the left side of Coffee Creek (below Ruth Gl) is Mount Sholes. So, starting from the left edge again at the Ruth Glacier follow it right and the first Peak on the other (W) side is Mount Church, then continuing along the Ruth on the same side (W side) the mountain directly above the head of Coffee Creek and its Glacier is Mount Dickey (flat face). The first serrated ridge directly behind Dickey is The Roosters Comb, then direclty behind that is Mount Huntington. If you look below Foraker and to the left of Huntington there is a large open glacial basin, and the peak at the back of that basin in front of Foraker is Hount Hunter. The flat topped peak about 2 inches to the right of Foraker along the ridge is Mount Crosson. One other note about Mount Hunter, in the picture it appears joined to Foraker which is not the case, the huge Kahiltna Glacier lies between them.

PhotoDescr: The Alaskan Range is vast and the Peaks and Glaciers rugged and demanding to access. Thanks to Steve for this stunning picture which gives a birds eye view of many of the Classic peaks in the Alaskan Range. I did not bother trying to detail route information Denali and Foraker because I put up some closeups of those. Note, if you saw the other photo essay "Mather and Eldridge Glacier Aerial" that picture essentially joins to the right edge of this one.

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