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Forbidden Lands: The Northern Fairholme Range from Tunnel Mountain Summit # 819

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Date: 2001.10.02
Vantage Point: From Tunnel Mountain Trail

Caption: Across the Bow Valley from Tunnel Mountain are the northernmost peaks of the Fairholme Range. Mount Inglismaldie is on the left, with Mount Girouard the next peak on the right, and Mount Peechee furthest right on the same ridge.

PhotoDescr: The section of the Fairholme Range and the Fairholme Benchlands shown in the photograph are currently closed to all visitors, in an effort to allow this rare ecosystem to be preserved. According to the Banff National Park Management Plan Summary, "The portion of the Fairholme Range from the park's east entrance to Johnson Lake is the largest remaining block of secure wildlife habitat in the montane region. This habitat is very rare in the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to its location in the valley bottom, the montane is relatively warm and dry, making it prime wildlife habitat, especially in winter."

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