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Assiniboine, Sturdee, and The Marshal # 8173

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Date: 1991.02.15
Vantage Point: From near Ferro Pass

Caption: The Assiniboine group from the slopes of Nestor Peak

PhotoDescr: It was one of those incredible Bob Saunders' ski epics: we started out by driving over to the Mitchell River parking area on the Radium highway and then skiing in the late afternoon and early evening up the Mitchell to the Surprise Creek cabin, where we spent the night.

The next day we bashed up Surprise Creek in deep snow to Rock Lake and then further SE toward Ferro Pass; but just before the pass we veered up a northerly tributary to a subsidiary pass between Ferro and Nestor Peak, which we subsequently climbed. Our second night was spent about half way down toward Wedgewood Lake.

The next day, our longest, we contoured E, crossed Nestor Creek and made our way to Cerulean Lake and more familiar terrain. From there we skied through the Lake Magog and Assiniboine Lodge area, turned back N, and managed to pass Og Lake and bumble through the Valley of the Rocks before floudering about badly in the dark looking for the cabin at Policeman's Flats. We never found it and ended up bivying, wet and cold, in the snow.

The third day took us all the way down the Mitchell River, some of which we could skate, and back to the Surprise Creek cabin and our initial tracks, which led back to our vehicles at the parking area on the highway.

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