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Mount Fox # 7967

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Date: 1985.08.11
Vantage Point: From the meadows NE of Mount Fox

Caption: The standard route up Mount Fox

PhotoDescr: In August of 1985 my good friend and climbing companion, Tim Drescher, from California, and I did some modest scrambling in the Elk Lake area. First on our agenda was an ascent of Mount Fox. This picture is nearly identical to that on p. 170 of his Guidebook to Rockies' scrambles. The route essentially follows the ridge just right of centre, wandering off further right about half way up, then back right to the false summit; the true summit is behind, and access to that summit requires some loose, exposed scrambling along a crenulated ridge -- not difficult, but time-consuming. This NE ascent ridge is the one shown in skyline profile in Mike Whittaker's accompanying photo. Fox Lake is just off to the left in the trees, while Frozen Lake is higher up, just below the band of snow.

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