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Brockenspectre on The Woodpile # 7949

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2004.08.05
Vantage Point: From the summit of the Woodpile

Caption: An eerie Brockenspectre from the summit of the Woodpile

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken during a BCMC summer camp in 2004 in the Rutledge Glacier area. We climbed The Woodpile late in the day as a storm cleared, and conditions were perfect for a Brockenspectre.

I stole this from Drew Brayshaw's photo essay titled "Urquhart Brockenspectre":

The Brockenspectre is a phenomenon also known as a glory. It forms by diffraction (it could be refraction, I'm no physicist) off a cloud layer and is essentially a fog rainbow, seen at a distance. The classic phenomenon is seen formed around a person's silhouette shadow, on a fog or cloud bank in close proximity. Going out on trips when the weather appears poor is beneficial to your chances, as you have to climb out of fog or cloud into sunlight, and be able to project shadow onto the cloud or fog.

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