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Southeast End of the Freshfield Icefield # 7943

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Date: 1985.04.20
Vantage Point: From The Freshfield Icefield, W of Mt Lambe

Caption: The flank of Mt Lambe (on left), a SE outlier of Lambe, Mt Whiteaves (centre), Mt Low (right of centre), and the S slope of Mt Barlow

PhotoDescr: This was a brilliant day during the ACC (Calgary Section) traverse from the Saskatchewan Glacier to West Louise Lodge -- full sun and gorgeous surroundings. We headed southeast kilometre after kilometre from the former Freshfield Hut until nearly abreast of Mt Lambe, at which point we starting climbing up to Lambe col (GR 119/318) -- 1500'. Then it was a long crash n' burn down into the Blaeberry Valley, where we met up with isothermic snow and rain.

It was not until some years later that Bob Saunders, Reg Bonney, and I skied up the Mummery Glacier and spent a week in the southern Freshfields and we were able to climb the peaks in this photograph. Barlow and Whiteaves were ascended on May 1, 1989, while Low and Lambe were ascended the next day.

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