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Southwest End of the Freshfield Icefield # 7941

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Date: 1985.04.21
Vantage Point: From Lambe Col

Caption: From right to left: Mount Trutch (in shadow); Nanga Parbat; Gilgit (in front and to the left); Waitabit Peak (small peak in centre - might just be an unnamed bump, however); Mount Mummery; Mount Helmer (in front of Mummery and just to the right)

PhotoDescr: First of all: I may be wrong in my identification of some of these peaks, but I have (as of January 2010) revised my nomenclature based on suggestions from Eric Coulthard; still, if anyone has other suggestions for adjustments, let me know.

This trip was, of course, part of the ten-day ACC tour from the Saskatchewan Glacier to West Louise Lodge on the #1 highway. This was approximately Day #7; we had just skied south from the old Freshfield hut (now removed) and ascended to Lambe Col in preparation for a long ski down the Lambe Glacier into the wet, soggy, isothermic slop of the upper Blaeberry River.

Later, in May, 1989, Bob Saunders, Reg Bonney, and I skied into the southern Freshfields and had such magnificent weather that we climbed every named summit south of (but including) Mount Freshfield -- eighteen summits all told.

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