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Mount Cline from Mount Wilson # 7925

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Date: 1985.02.17
Vantage Point: From 500' Below the Summit of Mt Wilson

Caption: Mt Cline in the distance to the East

PhotoDescr: I attempted Mt Wilson three times before finally summitting on the fourth attempt. Three of the attempts were via Rampart Creek, while one headed up Owen Creek from the David Thompson highway. All four attempts were winter ski climbs. The first was March, 1983; the second March, 1984. On the third -- February 16-17, 1985 (the only overnight camping trip) -- I took this shot to the east on a perfect day from 500' below the summit; the only reason we did not reach the apex was because we had left our crampons back at our camp, and the snow had become so hard-packed and icy that progress by cutting steps was, given the exposure, unwise. The figure in the picture is John Northwood. Cline is the only peak of serious elevation to the east; I managed to thrash up this 11,000'-er on September 26, 1993, with John Holmes and John Northwood. I finally reached the summit of Mt. Wilson on February 7, 1987, with Bob Saunders and Reg Bonney on a real crash n' burn climb of seventeen hours.

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