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Beatrice Peak # 7907

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Date: 1981.09.13
Vantage Point: From Mt Ball

Caption: Beatrice Peak (in front) with the Rockwall, the Goodsirs, Mt Vaux, and Stanley Pk behind

PhotoDescr: Late in the fall of 1981, I made a solo ascent of Mt. Ball (well, not entirely solo. . . my dog Homer went part way with me, but he was unable to surmount the Class 4 scramble and so had to be left behind). I ascended Hawk Creek to Ball Pass and then traversed over scree and scrambled up some cliffy sections to reach one of the many snow-covered spines of Mt. Ball. I reached the summit about noon.

Although the ridge leading from Ball to Beatrice is clearly visible on the right-hand side of the photograph and although it presents few difficulties, I did not make the traverse that day because I could still hear Homer's yowls echoing off the rocks far below.

It was not until July 23, 1990, that I finally picked my way over to the summit of Beatrice. Mardy Roberts and I had ascended Ball via some steep snow couloirs from the valley to the west of Isabelle Peak, and while she enjoyed the view, I scampered over to the subsidiary summit (almost obscured by the backdrop of Stanley behind) and back -- about 1.5 hrs.

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