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At the Head of the Radiant # 7892

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Date: 1964.06.15
Vantage Point: From about 2000 metres on the Radiant Glacier, above the lower icefall

Caption: Dick Culbert & the "back sides" of the Serras & Asperity, from the Radiant Glacier

PhotoDescr: June 15, 1964. Dick Culbert and I packed up from the Scimitar along the east side of the Radiant Glacier for an an attempt on Serra 5. Here we take a rest stop where we had our first good view of the big peaks forming the headwall of the Radiant Glacier.

Mount Tiedemann is on the extreme right, with Asperity to its left. Serra 5 is left of the "low" col; Serra 4 pointy rock spike) is to the left. Serra 3 is directly above Dick's head and appears the highest in this view. Mt. Argiewicz anchors the far left of the photo. The long, non-descript ridge between it and Serra 3 is home to Tellot Dome and the ridges above the Tellot Spires. The top of Serra 2 is just visible as a small, dark rock peak not far left of Serra 3.

Note the high-tech Trapper Nelson packs and the wooden ice-axes.

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