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Phalanx Mountain from the East (South) # 7766

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Date: 2005.12.11
Vantage Point: Spearhead/Decker Divide

Caption: The Eastern (Southern?) Aspect of Phalanx Mountain looms above the Spearhead Glacier in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

PhotoDescr: Phalanx is an interesting mountain, located in a very popular area, but less commonly visited because its access is more challenging than some of the surrounding summits.

This view of Phalanx is from across the Spearhead Glacier on the Spearhead/Decker Divide. This ridge provides a straight-forward ascent route from Saucer Lake back to The Spearhead.

The Spearhead Glacier, in the foreground, is often used for heli-skiing and backcountry touring. It is particularly fine for late spring corn snow skiing, when a firm base and gentle slopes provide for lazy long turns and good views of Phalanx, Wedge, and James Turner most of the way down.

There is a common ski-mountaineering route up the east face of Phalanx as pictured above. The largest avalanche cone leads up into a couloir that breaches the summit pinnacles and provides access to the Phalanx Glacier and an area known locally as "The Poop Chutes." The couloir is known locally as "The Stairclimber."

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